Got Me Out of A Sticky Mess


Dear FlyLady,

Yesterday morning I was making waffles for breakfast and when I went into the pantry to get the syrup, I must have not had a good grip on the bottle because I dropped it. The bottom cracked and busted (fortunately it was a plastic bottle and not glass) and syrup went everywhere.

Man, was I dreading having to clean that up! Fortunately we still had more syrup so I finished breakfast and then went back to clean up the mess. I had washed my hands after (well before too, ha) eating and had dried them with a paper towel which was now damp, so I swiped it across the syrup and, of course, it just smeared it more which was what I expected.

So I went and got a purple rag, got it wet with hot water, and went at it with a little elbow grease. Probably 3 or 4 rinses of the rag and all the syrup was easily cleared away. And I had only used hot water on purpose just to see if the floor would still feel sticky. I went back an hour later, bare footed on purpose again, and you couldn’t tell anything had been there!

Those rags, with only hot water, surely got me out of a “sticky” mess. They are just incredible! Truly my favorite FlyLady tool! Thank you and your crew for your continued work on our behalves.

Much love from Ky,




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