Have Rag Will Shine

Dear FlyLady,

My daughter and I were invited to a makeup party.  The little mirrors she had were all fingerprinted and I personally do not like dirty mirrors at all.  We asked about something to clean them with.
The hostess said, “Oh, I can get my purple (brand name) glass cleaning cloth and some (glass cleaner brand).”  I know what cloth she was talking about because I have one, also.

I thought, “Purple…cloth.  I have my purple rag in my purse!”  I got it out, my daughter got hers out of her purse and we wet one corner and had her little mirrors cleaned before she got back in the room.  That was actually kind of fun.~ Gwen

FlyLady here: I don’t go anywhere without my purple rag. I keep one in my purse all the time. I might even cut one up into pieces so I can put one in my eyeglass case. We have them in three colors: Bronze, Silver, and Purple.

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