No More Feeling Overwhelmed

Dear FlyLady, 

I have only been flying for a short while. Still trying to be consistent on shiny my sink and getting dressed first thing in the morning.

I asked for several of your tools for Christmas–we draw names–and my sister-in-law drew my name and at 26 she thought I was crazy to ask for cleaning tools from Fly Lady. If fact everyone at our house on Christmas was a little befuddled! I received the Rubba Scrubba, Scrubba Scrubba, Rubba Swisha X 2, Rubba Sweepa and Rubba Dish Brushes. along with the purple rags, Detail Duster and Car Duster! I was soooo excited.

My 6 year old loves to swish the toilet with the new brushes and also uses the Rubba Scrubba to sweep things into the dust pan when he is being helpful. I can hand my 6 year old a duster or a purple rag when he wants to help with the cleaning and he is so happy to help!

Since Christmas I have ordered more purple rags and the De-Clutter kit (my kids like the colored bags better than the same navy ones I already had). I have also ordered four water bottles and my husband and kids give them rave reviews as the best ones ever! My husband has never used any bottle I bought him until this one!

One of the new uses I found for a rubber brush yesterday was cleaning the vent on my hair dryer. Over the years I have always cleaned it but this was the first time it became really clean and no more fuzz was left!

After holding our pet guinea pigs or just petting the dogs–the Rubba Scrubba does not let us down! All the hair comes off better than any sticky paper roll.

The entire family loves the purple rags for everything. We had some similar ones already but they just don’t measure up. My 6 year old son and 11 year old daughter just used all of your products to clean the upstairs bathrooms.

Things are getting easier with your products to help with not feeling overwhelmed each day.

Still taking babysteps in Charleston, SC

I am using vases to hold our new toilet brushes.

Flying in Charleston, Annette and family
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