Pam’s New Book

  I think I’ve been channeling Shel Silverstein. Remember him? Okay, I don’t think I’m really channeling him, I just think a lot like he did and now that he’s gone, I’m sort of playing in his shoes.I’m excited to announce I’ve written a new book. Lettuce Bee Silly is my first one for children. Kids love poetry that’s why nursery rhymes stay around forever. When humor is added to rhyme, that’s entertainment!

Lettuce Bee Silly is a collection of my original poems, brilliantly illustrated for kids of all ages. Some of the poems were written from a child’s point of view like Bundled Up (remember being bundled up for the snow and you could hardly move?), while others address problems like a messy room, a belated thank you note, melted crayons or whiney behavior.

Lettuce Bee Silly will wake up the kid in you and entertain the real kids in your life. The poems go from wacky, McKenzie McGreedit  and whimsical, Alien Stinger Dude, to motivational, Don’t Put it Off, and inspirational, A Pocket Full of Goodies.

And some are just plain silly, like, Snot Nosed Michael, The Cat Ate the Mouse, and Upside Down.

To purchase Lettuce Bee Silly, Click Here!  I’m also offering a “Grandma special.” When you order three books, I’ll give you a fourth book free (and you don’t have to be a grandma to get it)!

As you can see, my illustrator is a very talented young artist, who created such wonderful drawings for my poems that they begged to be in color. So, this silly poetry book is not in black and white like Shel’s, it’s in full color and printed in the USA!

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