The Best Cleaning Tool I Now Own

Dear FlyLady,

I got a FlyLady mop a few weeks ago but due to a hectic schedule haven’t had time to use it – until yesterday.  LOVE it!

This mop is easily the BEST cleaning tool I now own.  With just hubby and I in the house things tend to stay fairly clean, except for the two pugs we have.  Hair, hair, hair.  I have had those disposable static cling dust mops from the store, but got tired to all the buying of the replacement pads – that’s why I got yours instead.  I kinda had this sense I needed to get it, even though I really felt I had all the cleaning tools I need.  Now I know why!

First, I don’t know if “mop” really describes it as it really is an all in one dustmop/wetmop but not at all in the traditional sense.  Second, it is very big – a great size; it really can cover a lot of real estate quickly.  Third, it maneuvers so well – turns corners and around furniture, swivels nicely, feels solid – feels good to use.  Fourth, the telescoping handle is great as it can scrunch down so small it can even go in a smaller cabinet if you don’t have room in your utility closet.

But best of all, those microfiber pads.  They are so soft and plush.  And they pick up so much stuff – crumbs, hair, pet hair, dust, etc.  I was amazed at the amount of stuff it could pick up.  And when I was done, I took the cloth over to the garbage can and used my rubba scrubba to brush all of the gunk off of it – fantastic duo working together!  Then I could do another sweep in a few areas I hadn’t gotten to without using a second cloth.  Then into the washer when done – so easy.

I found a spot on the floor with some mud dragged in with the dogs, put a bit of water on a new microfiber pad and it came up immediately without any effort at all.

I can’t tell you how much fun I had with this yesterday morning, and all in just a 15 minute session to bless my house a bit before I started the day.  I can see how this is going to make my life so much easier and simpler, because instead of hauling out the vacuum cleaner and battling with the cords and the weight of the thing while it blows as much dust around the house as it picks up – I can use my new microfiber mop every 2-3 days and get rid of a ton of icky junk an a regular basis without all the hassle.  It was amazing to me how easily I could make a huge difference with my floors in just a few minutes.

After doing the great room, I moved onto the master bath and while hubby was in the shower was able to quickly clean all the floors there so he had a nice clean floor to walk around barefoot on.  Another way to bless our home and my hubby!

Thanks – your products are high quality and the prices are so reasonable.  I don’t go for gimmicky things, but I do love the FlyLady Products and haven’t found anything of yours that didn’t simplify and make my life better – essentially, you bless my life!


FlyLady here: I know exactly how you can maneuver our mop. Just watch me catch all those dust bunnies.

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