Off to Italy with Water

Dear FlyLady, 

We just returned from a trip to Italy, during which the water bottle played a very welcome role. We filled it with ice water in New York, then slept most of the way over. After we arrived in Rome, took the train in to town and got on the train to Florence, we remembered the water. No ice, but still cold, 12 hours later!

We read that Venice was very proud of their water, so we filled it up there every chance we got and took it around with us. In Rome there are fountains all over the city fed by the aqueducts, and we filled it up in many picturesque places (such as near the Trevi Fountain, Largo Argentina, Piazza Navonna, etc.), and had delicious, cool, fresh water to drink during all our sightseeing.

I have had this for quite awhile, and now my boyfriend wants one, too, so I’m putting in an order today for another and a few other choice items (a feather duster for when my daughter needs one, refills for the mop, and another timer).

Thank you, thank you for all the service you give. You have changed my relationship with time immensely, both in my home life and my work life.


FlyLady here: The stainless water bottle is a great travel tool! You use it, wash it out and use it again.

I am very glad to offer many items in the Fly Shop that will help you bless yourself and your home.

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