The Big Kaboom


Dear FlyLady, 
Today I received a quote promoting a positive attitude book: “You become what you think about. Negative thoughts reap negative results. If you think positive thoughts, you will get positive results.”
That’s when I realized, this is flywashing. This is exactly what FlyLady teaches us, and we don’t have to buy a book and read about it, just follow the emails and missions.
My attitude towards housekeeping has changed. I’m slowly learning I feel calmer, happier and less stressed. I am realizing I enjoy a tidy house and knowing where things are located. But the best part yet is the fact that when talking to myself (habit of living alone), it’s like you, my personal life coach, putting positive thoughts into my head.
I’m just getting over being sick and really dragging. As I wobbly stood in the kitchen waiting for the tea water, I heard my inner voice tell me that I could probably get those dishes washed, or those dishes put away before the tea water is ready. I hear you telling me to just quickly shine your sink, it will only take one minute. I find as I go upstairs, I don’t go empty handed, grab something from the hotspot.
Yes, I keep repeating your whisperings to myself, and slowly they are sinking in. I have a LONG way to go but realize resistance takes a long time to break through. And using your tools makes the job more enjoyable. I love your purple rags and have given them as gifts. Looking at the new feather duster makes me laugh, and the Clog Cannon and I have become friends (even though there are some plumbing issues even too big for what I call ‘The Big Kaboom’.) I smile when I use my dish and bottle brush. Washing screens becomes easy with your ‘rubbas’.
Just last night I had to change a night light bulb and needed a screwdriver. Even though my closet is getting messy again, I knew exactly where I keep my pink FlyLady tools. It was so nice to get it done quickly, because I knew where my tools were kept. Best of all, they were MY tools, in their pretty pink zip case.
I’d like to encourage other flybaby’s to spread the positive attitude, and consider purchasing FlyLady tools for those special family members and friends for Christmas gifts. Why spend hours in crowded stores wandering the aisles? With the right enthusiasm and explanation, the gift will not seem like an insult, but come across as sharing the love. I’ve slowly given a few gifts and my siblings and mom are slowly getting over the hesitant stage and trying them out. Mom asked if she can use them on her stove grates, sure, why not!  Sis texted, “Hey these purple rags work great”.
Pink and purple have always been my favorite colors. I always felt something was missing. I guess I was destined to become a flybaby but just had to wait for the creation of FlyLady first! Well, good things come to those who wait.
Thank you for being our positive attitude life coach.
Fluttering in Illinois
FlyLady here: I find joy everyday in helping you achieve what I found one BabyStep at a time.
FLYing means finally loving yourself and you only find this when you have a positive attitude!
The Fly Shop no longer offers the Pink Toolkit.  If you have one, consider yourself in the pink!
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