The Joy of Being Disorganized

Every day when I wake up, it’s like my angels have been working all night on a To Do list for me in the form of creative ideas! (I’m always grateful they rarely wake me up in the middle of the night!) For some reason, I get to be me, just like you get to be you and we get to play with the moment-by-moment opportunities we’re given each day! When I follow through with the ideas that come to me, I have been put into a position that I get to see they’re not just for me; they’re for millions like me! Here’s a review of my book The Joy of Being Disorganized, that I saw on Amazon.

Wonderful job Pam Young.

This book changed my life! After reading it I felt like a different person! I understood why I am the way I am. I read it right before the holidays and I can tell you I breezed through them with ease. I am going back to read it again as it was so easy to get excited and hurry to read the next page or chapter that I fear I missed so many things. I would and have recommended this to several friends and relatives.

Sharon L. Nevius Harrisburg, PA

FINALLY I’ve written a book that can be recommended to friends and given as gifts! (It’s always hard to give a friend a book that implies she needs to lose weight, get out of debt or get organized.) This book had to be written, because it was time for disorganized women to embrace their disorder and start seeing the blessing behind it.

Since I’ve spent almost 40 years helping SHEs, one glaring aspect that shines through their messes is their brilliance as human beings. I happily researched the lives of extremely disorganized people who became successful and famous in spite of their disorder. People like Jacqueline Kennedy, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Marla Cilley and President Lincoln, just to name a few. They have a secret I reveal in the book, but I’ll tell you right now. They learned how to delegate. When you read this book, you’ll not only learn how to delegate, you’ll see yourself in an incredible diving light and it’ll change the way you think about yourself and your mess. It’s my prayer (and probably my angels too) it will change your life as it did Sharon’s..

The Joy of Being Disorganized is NOW available in paperback!

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