Reminds Me of My Dad’s Thermos

Dear FlyLady, 

I AM drinking my water!!!

I was thirsty when I woke up this morning, so I filled my Stainless Steel water bottle with ice and water and started sipping while I was in the shower. I am just finishing off the last of the ice now (late in the day).

I love this water bottle; it reminds me of my dad’s thermos that he used to carry when I was little. The girls at school chuckle and call it my ‘flask’ and I had a lady at church sympathetically ask if I was on a liquid diet, but I just smile.

Ice water is my absolute favorite thing to drink and I love having something that lets me take it with me.

FlyBaby S in AR


FlyLady Here: I’m so proud of FlyBaby S for drinking her water! Water is such an important part of keeping our bodies in tip top shape. I love our FlyLady Water Bottle and I’m so glad you do too!
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