We Don’t Have Anything THAT Cool


Dear FlyLady, 
Hello! I am a new flybaby and have been FLYing for only a few weeks now. I am loving it!

As a new stay-at-home mom, I had been struggling to find a way to balance the housework and engage and have fun with my 1 year old (which is the whole reason I’m staying at home). My aunt recommended your website and I have been baby stepping ever since!

I cannot express enough gratitude for your routines, tips, and amazing products, as these have all led me to be a happier wife and mother, that has the time to play with her beautiful baby boy, all while having a beautiful home! THANK YOU!

I had to share my story of our new clog cannon.

I purchased this product while my DH was on a business trip. Our drains have been out of control for a while & my DH usually takes care of them when he’s in between business trips. I thought by ordering the clog cannon, I would take this job on myself and eliminate my DH from having to do it (he can now spend more time with our DS while home).

When my DH returned from his business trip he volunteered to give our DS a bath so he could have some time with him. Well, the drain stopped up in the bath tub & DH, who was exhausted & looking forward to some bonding time with DS, hollers at me to get the plunger & snake from the garage. I could tell he was frustrated. With a huge smile on my face, I fluttered to the bathroom, opened up the cabinet & gleefully exposed my new tool! My husband’s response, “Where did you get that and how much did it cost!?” He was NOT happy! I told him not to worry, but to stand back. He then said, “You know, we have something like that already somewhere in the garage.” Again he was NOT happy. I turned to him smiling and said, “Are you sure?” I then proceeded to put on my safety glasses (also in the bathroom cabinet, cause I can’t get sidetracked now). I told him to hold our DS and step back. I proceeded to pump, push, and fire. Two tries and the drain was fixed. Problem solved! My DH’s response, “OK, we don’t have anything THAT cool!”

Well we do now!

Thanks Flylady for all that you and your crew do and for making your website free!!!

FLYing and smiling in West Texas

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