It Looked Like I Had Vacuumed

Dear FlyLady,

I’m a big fan of the FlyLady products and have slowly been getting everything off my list I made.  I have several  Rubba products that I love like everyone else and I can’t live without my  purple rags anymore 🙂 but I think my most favorite product is the one I just received.  The Rubba Sweepa!!  I originally bought it to clean my shower/bath area. It has river-rock for the floor in the shower and I thought a Rubba Sweepa would be perfect.  I sure can’t kneel on it to clean it and it would save my back from bending over.  I really didn’t have it in mind for anything else.

So I got it and put it together in the living room and I remembered someone said it was great to pull the animal hair up out of the carpet. So I took a swipe across the carpet and…it looked like I had vacuumed it!!!  So I took some more swipes and it pulled the carpet pile up to look like I had just vacuumed!  It had been awhile since I vacuumed so the carpet looked matted (a little embarrassed to admit that but we’re all fans of yours for a reason :)) It looks wonderful!! I vacuumed right after and I’m just thrilled.  So last night I decided you know what I’m going to run the Sweepa over the carpet and it took literally like 3 minutes to do my living room probably and it looks like I’ve vacuumed.

Now if I could just get on that habit of vacuuming once a week! 🙂

BTW, I also absolutely love what it does on the laminate floor also.  I only wish there was some kind of edge to get those corners but I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!  It make be equal to my purple rags! LOL

Thank you always for the inspiration!

FlyBaby Jessica in Denver

Rubba Sweepa Demo
Rubba Sweepa comes in our
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