What a Waste of Money

Dear FlyLady, 

I had bought your water bottle for both me and my daughter awhile ago and loved them. Everything you say about them is true!!! I wanted to get another one for myself to have at home since I primarily keep mine at work and another one for my daughter to have for school. Yours were sold out and I was lured by the siren call of the so-called insulated stainless steel bottle at the big box store. I bought two.

What a waste of money they had been (even though they didn’t cost much)! The¬†other day I filled halfway with ice and cool water off the fridge door and only one hour later, the ice was melted and the water was just a little above room temp! And not to mention the drinking spout is on the side and not the top, so it is difficult to drink from.

With your bottle, I don’t even have to use ice if I use the cold water from a dispenser and it stays cool until I finish it! Thank you for making such a great product–one of MANY great products!!!

One suggestion, though…when will you come out with a purple version?

Keep up the great work!


FlyLady here: We have all done this sort of thing; We get tempted at the store to buy something and it never lives up to the hype. We have kitchen drawers full of these kind of gadgets too.

When you love what you have and use what you love; it is not clutter.

It is the things that we have stashed in drawers that is the waste of money but I don’t want you to beat yourself up over this. The biggest waste of all is guilt!

Declutter your guilt and get on with the living

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