Duster Has A Home

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

Little by little I am coming to realize that it is about doing something and taking that little baby step rather than being overwhelmed and not doing anything. Today, my mission was to find my teaching portfolio. Okay, it is somewhere outside in storage closet on the patio. Okay, this is going to have to be a late evening project as it is summer heat wave as we are under a heat advisory with record heat expected. As I am looking for it, I found a few storage containers that definitely needed to be brought in otherwise they will start to break from the heat. As I am going through things, I found my decorative little metal baskets that I had been wondering wear I put them after moving.

I put them both to good use. The blue metal basket with a heart on it, I put up in the kitchen – it works perfectly for a home for my duster. Up high away from little kitten paws. The second basket I decided would be perfect for holding scissors as the scissors keep getting lost in my caddy of office supplies on the table. It is amazing how a little decorating can help with organization.

I think I definitely need to plan to work in declutter the storage area next month. Saw some things that I think could be decluttered into the trash piles – outdated stuff / stuff saved that I have never really used / needed to reference. The one crate that I brought in will be enough to go through.

The amazing thing was that I could recognize the difference between what I needed to do for a project today and what would be a project for next time. Everything pulled out got put back in about an 1 hour.

This one little mission that I gave myself had multiple blessings for my home, my pet, and myself.

FLYing in AZĀ 


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