FLYing to College

Dear FlyLady,

My 18 yr. son is off to college this week.He stole my rubba sweepa last winter for his car, to remove the snow.
He just asked if he can take my new calendar to school, since I still have a few months left on this year’s calendar.  He took my laundry sorter when he packed for summer camp a few months ago.

Since I am losing my FLY tools to campus and have to start fresh, I thought I’d suggest a FLYING TO COLLEGE tool kit!Water bottle 
Rubba Swisha
Rubba Sweepa
Laundry Sorter/Declutter Kit
FlyLady Mop

I’m going to print him a Zone Cleaning page from the College Student Control Journal as well, with hopes that his roommates see that they can party their way through college and still send home photos of their room in an effort to fool us parents into believing that they are taking care of themselves!

By the way, he was working at  camp, and last week he was seriously burned on the face. He’s healing just fine, and he LOVES the purple rags for cleaning his wounds… they wash but don’t hurt his newly growing skin. When the burns happened, he had cold water in his FlyLady bottle to start cooling himself immediately! When he came home in a rush after his injury, my laundry sorter filled with clean and folded clothes (that MUST be first for a guy coming home from boy scout camp!) Proof that even a Boy Scout can FLY through any emergency!

FlyBaby L.

FlyLady here: Yes our kids do need a few tools when they go off to college. We no longer carry the laundry sorter but I use my declutter kit for my laundry. Our College Student Control Journal is a free tool for them.

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