It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful

Dear FlyLady,

I wanted to share a God breeze I received this morning. Under the patient encouragement of your team, I have been working on letting go of my perfectionism, particularly in the area of cleaning. I was one of those people who would not clean unless I had enough time to “do it right” so of course, I rarely did clean, especially since I have developed Fibromyalgia (a chronic condition resulting in much pain and fatigue).

Anyway, today on my Zone 5, it was the turn of the living room for some extra TLC. Normally when I do this the first thing I do is give it a really thorough sweep/vacuum and a really thorough wash. But today I had the extra disincentive of a bad cold as well as the Fibromyalgia. So I decided I would just do a quick blessing hour sweep and leave it at that for the day. Anyway, because of being so unwell, I decided to be kind to myself and make sure I did cut my cleaning into roughly 15 minute blocks with at least 15 minutes rest between each.

Anyway, when I got to the (wooden) living room sweeping, doing a good but not excellent (read perfect) sweep with my red headed FlyLady mop was what I decided to do. When I had done that, I realized it would not take more than a few minutes to give the same floor a good (but not perfect) wash with my blue headed FlyLady mop. so I did.

Later that day I sat down and looked at the shiny, beautifully clean living room floor. Sure if you wanted to, you could see cat fur still stuck to some parts of the floor, and dust under furniture, but the overwhelming and obvious thing was a shiny, glowingly clean floor!

Then it dawned on me – the floor did not have to be perfect to be beautiful! Like the shiny sink, a shiny floor, even if it is not perfectly clean, gives a lift and joy to a room. And then I realized that is how God sees me – not perfect yet, but nevertheless shiny and beautiful because of what He has done in my life. I did not have to be perfect to be beautiful either!

Thank you so much for all the blessings you bring us

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you Amanda! Perfectionism hurts us. I am gladĀ  you let go of it to embrace good enough. Your body is thanking you!

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