Our Life with Hounds

Dear Friends,


Last night we watched an old movie, Where the Red Fern Grows. I remember reading this book twenty years ago. Ever since reading it; we have always had a hound dog in our family. Lucy was my first coon hound. She was a blue tick hound. If she had not like my Sweet Darling Robert; I would not have married him. That dog has protect us from bears and other critters.



Our second hound was a beagle blue tick mix. Her owner needed to find a new home for her and we took her in. Her original owner had named her Bluedini, because she was an escape artist. We named her Gypsy and nicknamed her Velvet Face. She was the only dog I ever allowed to sleep on the couch. She was very protective of the neighbor girls and would spend the night with them often. One time they were being stalked a strange dog; double her size and she hit that dog and kept it from hurting the little girls. She spent several days in the vet hospital. She survived but her heart gave out a couple of years later.

Then one evening Robert came home from chess night and told me about this emaciated redbone hound he had seen in the forest living in a trash heap. We went back to rescue him. He was skin and bones. The trash heap was where he made his bed at night. God had sent us a hoarding dog. I named him Rufus. While we were gone on a trip; Michele renamed him because Harley because he took her Harley Davidson Purse and the rugs in the house to the backdeck to make a pile. We loved that dog. Harley was a loyal dog too. One time I twisted my ankle at the foot of our back steps. That dog was my guardian angel. He keep licking my face so I would not pass out. He has been gone for two years. We miss him every day.


We now have Loki, another blue tick hound. He is so smart. He tells us when the cats want in or another one of our dogs want outs. Loki is the smallest of our dogs. Shadow and Chief are 125-150 pounds.

It is because we have critters that our tools have been developed. Fur balls, messy windows, and dust are a big part of our life. Check out our Critters in this video. We have lots of dog and cat hair to get up everyday!

Our routines makes life with our critters easier!


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