Clog Cannon Get DH’s Seal of Approval


Dear FlyLady,

Another testimonial for your incredible sink clog buster! For the past 3 weeks our bathroom drain had slowed, a lot.  Frustrating, waiting for the water to go down.  Then, one day, DH admitted that he didn’t know what to do, except call a plumber. That very morning, I had read about your clog buster.  I opened up that email and showed DH.  He said that if it worked, it would be a good thing to have around here

Clog buster arrived today (very fast shipping) and DH took it into the bathroom. He was back within 15 minutes, a big smile on his face.  He said that the cost of that buster, even with the cost of the shipping, was far less than he would have had to pay a plumber.  Now, the drain in our second bathroom is also running faster.  Only casualty is the ceramic bunny that had been near the sink bowl.  Please move breakables away from your work area before you use this tool.

DH was heard saying, “That’s a pretty good little tool.”  If you understand that the highest praise DH usually gives anything is, “Not a bad thing.” you know that he was impressed with this one. I am now considering a couple other tools, like the purple rags, and the water bottle.  Maybe even the rubba scrubba.

Thank you, FlyLady!
Fluttering FlyBaby in Upper Michigan, Twyla

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