Radio Show: New Habit for September

Dear Friends,

i-rGBjX5Z-LWe are having another show this week. I love talking to you.  The show starts at 1:30 pm EDT.
Please call in. (646) 716-9791 The show only lasts an hour. Call early!

Here is the theme of today’s show:  Click here to listen live.

September’s new habit: Before Bed Routine! This routine is going to make your tomorrow run smoothly. A few minutes is going to change your whole attitude. Five Steps to your Before Bed Routine. You can do this! This routine will make your morning peacefully. Try it! You might be surprised.

1. Pick up the house before you go to bed

2. Think about tomorrow before you go to bed

3. Focus on yourself before going to bed

4. Cool down time

5. Reflect on today’s accomplishments

Come listen live but if you can’t; you can listen on your time.


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