My Son is Seeing A Difference

Dear FlyLady,

Guess what!!!! I bought a FlyLady feather duster and dusted last night. My son thought it was cool and dusted his room, too. Then, we dusted all the DVD’s and put them up. He has been picking up after himself and helping put stuff away. It’s really amazing. He’s even been checking the list that I printed out for each day to see what is supposed to be done that day and has been encouraging me to keep to the schedule.

He’s even been helping around the house. Like when I cleaned out the fridge and washed it out. I tossed stuff I was throwing away to him and he would toss it in the trash. It makes it more fun to have someone helping and encouraging.

I know that most of this stuff is normal for most folks, but I was never taught how to clean or keep house, so I’m just now learning and I’m teaching him as I go. We’re learning together. Slowly but surely, I am doing something every day. What is amazing is that it only takes two seconds to go back and just wipe down what I’ve already cleaned and then I move on to what I am supposed to do for that day. I stay focused and don’t get turned around in circles and don’t get frustrated or disgusted and quit. The most amazing thing is that my son is seeing a difference and is helping.

I read all your testimonials and rolled my eyes thinking , “Yeah, whatever.” Now that I’ve started using the FlyLady concept, I am a true believer.


Infant FlyBaby!
(means I’m learning to crawl before I can walk, then run!)


FlyLady Here: The FlyLady Feather Duster is a great tool. It’s also great for our babies to use. It makes cleaning fun and encourages them to help out blessing our homes.

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