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The Savvy Parent’s Guide to Public School is designed to empower parents to navigate public school and work effectively with teachers and school administrators.  Inspired and supported by Marla and all the folks at FlyLady, the book and workbook give parents the tools to successfully advocate for their children at school.

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Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Tools for Success:  Teachers Can’t Do It Without You!

No one loves your child more than you do and no one knows your child better than you do.  Your participation in your child’s education and your support for your child’s school are some of the most important things you can do to help your child grow into a successful and happy adult.  Teachers can’t do it without you.  Your child certainly can’t do it without you.  Next to family, school is the most important community in your child’s life.  Are you going to be a part of it?

Lots of folks feel uncomfortable in schools.  Sometimes it’s because they struggled in school academically, or had a hard time with the other kids, or got in trouble all the time.  For many people, entering a school brings back a lot of painful memories – memories of hurt or failure or being left out or feeling stupid.  It’s a very hard thing to get past those feelings, but you have to let them go if you want your child to have a different, better, happier experience in school.  It takes a lot of courage, but being a parent ain’t for sissies!

So let’s think about some things you can do and say and pay attention to, whether you were the class valedictorian, the class clown, or a ninth grade drop-out.  That doesn’t matter anymore.  These are your Tools for Success.  Your child is depending on you!

Make sure your child is ready for school every day.  Children who do well in school get plenty of sleep, eat breakfast, and get to school on time with homework and supplies.  Establish household routines to make this happen.  Start by making a morning routine: getting up at a time that allows for eating breakfast and getting out the door on time and with homework. Then make a routine for school nights, step by step: backpack ready and by the door, clothes laid out, breakfast laid out, lunch box at the ready, an appropriate bedtime for your child’s age.  There is really no excuse for tired, hungry, tardy children.

Be a part of your child’s school and a partner with your child’s teacher.  Volunteer, join the PTA, come to teacher conferences, attend school programs, eat lunch at school with your child.  Greet secretaries and custodians, make friends with the teacher assistants, learn people’s names.  Be seen and be heard in whatever way you can.  Your voice is important.  And when you’ve been a positive voice, you’re much more likely to be listened to when you have a concern or a complaint.  If you only come to school when you’re loaded for bear, you may get to complain, but you won’t get very far with a solution.  You can’t help your child if everyone runs for cover when they see your face.

I hope you found this helpful!  Next week, we’ll continue with more Tools for Success.  The theme?  Be positive and think long-term.


Excerpted from the book The Savvy Parent’s Guide to Public School, available on Amazon and at  All rights reserved.   



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