111 Degrees in the Shade

Dear Flylady,

I have been using your water bottle since Easter weekend.  I love how cold the water stays, and I am impressed with how long ice stays frozen, (overnight, and into the following day!) but I was skeptical about how it would perform in the summer months in my hot car.  I live in Arizona.In the 18 years that I have lived here, I have never found a way to keep a drink cold while running errands in the summer.  I hate how a plastic water bottle sweats and makes a mess in my purse, or how fast even a frozen solid bottle melts into hot water if left in the car while I do my grocery shopping.  I have loved how  this water bottle doesn’t sweat in my purse.The other day I took my daughter shopping at the mall.  I forgot to take my water bottle in with me.  It sat in my hot car for over three hours.  When we got back to the car (parked in the shade) the thermostat on my car said 111 degrees.  I am guessing the interior of my car was at least 20 degrees hotter than that!  I expected my water to be warm and the ice to be completely melted.I picked it up and heard ice clinking around in there!!  The outside of the bottle was hot, but the water was ice cold and the ice had barely begun to melt.  This water bottle is the best investment ever!  I hate to think of how much money I have spent over the years for insulated water bottles that didn’t work! Thank you for another amazing product!!

FlyBaby N.

FlyLady here: We still have a few 12 oz Water Bottles left! Only $10.00

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