Another Top Ten

Dear FlyLady,

Here is my Top Ten.

1.  Your smile. Your loving acceptance helps us learn to do that for ourselves.

2.  Your routines. You showed us how to find the way to an orderly home AND how to keep it that way.

3.  Your flywashing.  Your words gently scrub the stinking thinking away.

4. Your purple power rags. Strong enough for a grill. Gentle enough for glass.

5.  Rubba Scrubba.  Scrubs your troubles away.  😉

6.  Weekly home blessing.   Reframing work into something of a delight.

7.  Office in a bag.   It’s currently what I call my financial peace bag (Dave Ramsey follower here. )

8. Panic reduction techniques.  I still take the time to panic before realizing that I could invite a drop in visitor without embarrassment or drop everything and leave nearly immediately because I was presentable and had my chores done first thing (we have chickens).

9. Calendars. You teach us to use them.   The best part is, though I have many of the tools you offer, when I can’t afford to buy something, I still know I can fly.

10.  Continually chipping away at my perfectionism.

I could go on and on, but I need to go make dinner!


Last Chance Items 

Dear Friends,
We have some great new tools coming soon and we need to make room for them in our warehouse.
Check out our Last Chance Items!  There is one item on this page that helps us with our habit for September.
The Retro Dusters are going away and we have not put them on the Last Chance page yet. When they are gone the Weekly Home Blessing Package will be dropped too. When you purchase this package you will also receive a FlyLady Mug.
While you are there, be sure get your calendar.
Thank you for all your love and support. Your purchases helps us keep our messages FREE for everyone!
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