Magic FlyLady Wand

Dear FlyLady,

Let me tell you about my weekend! On Saturday morning I swept the kitchen floor with the  Rubba Sweepa.

I shortened the handle so my two year old could do half of it. After mowing the lawn I used the Rubba Sweepa to sweep the trimmings off the porch and sidewalk. I gave it a good rinse with the water hose and sat it in the sunshine to dry. (Sunshine is proven antimicrobial so it’s good to let things dry in the sun!)

On Sunday morning the Sweepa was still outside on the porch. My husband was looking for something in the kitchen. He asked, “Have you seen that magic FlyLady wand?” He needed to use the Sweepa.

Before the kids’ bedtime blocks were everywhere in the living room. We had a 5 Minute Room Rescue. The Rubba Sweepa was clean so I used it to round up the blocks to put them away. Quick. Then I noticed a cobweb in the ceiling corner of the room so, you guessed it, the Rubba Sweepa took out out all the cobwebs. Less than a minute in every room of the upstairs.

Thank you again!!

A little FlyBaby in Kansas

FlyLady here: I keep a Rubba Sweepa at the bottom of our basement steps. It is handy to keep the dog hair cleared off of the steps. The Rubba Sweepa comes in our Rubba Pack and our Essential Tool Package. You can buy it all by itself too.

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