Morning Musing: Actions Speak Louder

 Dear Friends,Our perfectionism takes on many disguises. Sometimes when we least expect it; our perfectionism slaps us right in the face.What I want to discuss with you now is a trait that we all have. It is thinking that we know better than anyone else.

1. I don’t have to wear my shoes!
2. I am not going anywhere today; why should I get dressed!
3. 15 minutes is not enough time
4. Routines won’t work for me.
5. Who is she anyway; to tell me to love myself. I already do!
6. I can’t just vacuum the middles; that is wrong!
7. She doesn’t know how to clean the right way.
8. I work outside the home; this FlyLady stuff is for SAHMs.
9. I can’t get rid of that.
10. Our messy home is not hurting my family or me.
And then the final complaint
11. This FlyLady thing is not working for me. She doesn’t understand my life!

I want you to look at coming to as if you were going to the doctor to get some help when you are sick. The difference in and a doctor’s visit; is that we are free. Now granted many times we don’t think free advice is worth anything. I guess it isn’t if we don’t take the advice and use it.

Here is what happens. The advice has to go into your head. This is where the perfection attitudes try to rip apart the methods that have worked for me and thousands of FlyBabies all over the world. If I can ever get you to just dismiss those questions and step out in faith then I can get you past your rebellion. Yes that is what it is. You are rebelling because you think you are right and FlyLady is wrong.

Well, I am here to tell you that there is no right or wrong here; there is just action. If you go to your doctor and he/she prescribes a treatment plan for you and you do not follow it; what is going to happen? You are going to stay sick.

Just because you get our emails and have read my book or many other books on home organization doesn’t mean you are automatically going to your home in order. It is the same for going to the doctor. If you don’t follow the advice; you are not going to see results. My life depends on this action. If I don’t take care of me who will?

The state of your home may not be life or death but it does hurt you. It makes you feel beaten down. It keeps you preoccupied. Your whole life revolves around that messy house whether you choose to believe it or not. So does your family’s lives too. You can’t have friends over; your children can’t have friends over. You feel ashamed of the way you live. I can help you but only if you take my words and put them into action. I don’t do anything but give you a plan along with some specific babysteps to practice. It is up to you to DO just a little each day. It is this action that is going to help you get out of the CHAOS you have been living in for years.

Please don’t allow your perfectionism to defeat you before you even give this a try! I want you to really FLY and not just in words only. Finally Loving Yourself by just saying it; is not going to make it happen! You have do it. By stepping out in faith and saying, “What I have been doing is obviously not working; I think I will do what FlyLady says.”

Now go shine your sink! Build your routines one babystep at a time. Please don’t allow your perfectionism to make you pile on too many babysteps at one time. This is not being nice to you! Babysteps really do mean babysteps!

Are you ready to put into action BABYSTEPS!



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