I Scoffed at Them Now I Shout it From The Roof Tops


Your Rags in a Bag; what is so special about them?? I have read the on going testimonies about your Rags in a Bag and scoffed at them (sorry) I mean, after all, they are just rags and I have wasted lots of money on rags in the past, that were suppose to be so good and hold up. Boy,was I wrong!

Hubby ordered me two packages and they arrived this morning I immediately washed them in hot water and then hung them to dry. I couldn’t wait to use them, the suspense was killing me. So I grabbed one and went to work with just one rag, rinsed between uses.

I wiped the cabinets in my kitchen down, the kitchen appliances, the counters, the walls, throughout the house all the electrical sockets, the base boards, the windows through out the house, a coffee table in the smoke room, that was caked in nasty ashes and spilled drink from my son, my dogs doggie door, and their kennel.

Again, this was just with one rag, rinsed really well with hot water, in between jobs. I am now a believer in your purple rags and I want to shout it from the roof tops!

Thank you FlyLady for this wonderful tool!

Flying in OKC

PS. I also have the FlyLady’s Rubba Package and I love it, they all work great
My next purchase is your FlyLady Feather Duster.

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