Thanks for a Wonderful, Life-Saving Product

Dear FlyLady,

I read your post about the Office in a Bag and want to thank you for such a wonderful, life-saving product.I had spent about a year reading about the Office in a Bag but thinking I might find something available in local stores that would serve the same purpose.  I looked and looked but found nothing that had the neat storage places that are in the Office in a Bag.  When I went online to order one, I think only the black was available so I had to wait to get the purple one.Well, the timing was perfect–about a week after I got the bag, my husband started having a lot of medical tests done so I packed my bag with the supplies you had listed, a “medical” file folder, a regular size legal pad, and a “To Do” file folder.A year later and five legal pads of medical notes later, I’m still carrying my Office in a Bag with me everywhere I go.  I could never have made it through this last year without it!  Everything I needed was with me at all times and I was able to keep records of tests results and what the doctors said, bills paid, birthday greetings sent, etc. throughout the four months of his hospitalization.  When we go to doctors’ appointments, my husband always insists on carrying my “purple bag” with him in his wheelchair.

Thank you for continually reminding us about the wonderful products you have available.

Thankful for many blessings in AZ!

FlyBaby C.

FlyLady here: My office in a bag has helped to keep me organized when I was a young mom working at my first job. I still have my original. We had them made to my specs. There is nothing like this in the market anywhere. We even had it with a Control Journal. They come in four colors: Purple, Black, Blue, and Red. Keep in mind that we all have plenty of three ring binders at home. None of the office supplies are included. The Red Office in a bag is great for your Emergency Control Journal.

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