A Cleaning Staple in My Home

Dear FlyLady,

My name is Amy I am a Stay at home Mom of one. I have started homeschooling my daughter this year. You think with only one child and not working outside of my home my house, car and yard would be nearly perfect, but that is totally not the case at all. I have multiple sclerosis and live with chronic pain and fatigue daily. There are days I can hardly get out of bed much less clean the house.

I recently came across a new bathroom cleaner that you make yourself and alone with your purple rags has cleaned my bathroom to almost perfection with little to no scrubbing, The best part is it is nontoxic and works so much better than anything you can buy in a store.

How to make this amazing cleaner is 50, 60, or 70% Dawn dish soap and the rest is white vinegar put in a spray bottle and shake.

Then all you do is spray the shower walls your faucets and wait a minute or 2 and start wiping them with a rag, rinse the stuff off, and your shower sink and toilet are all shining like new it is amazing I could not believe my eyes. My purple rags are a cleaning staple in my home I can’t believe I ever lived without them. Please don’t ever stop selling them. I love you and your system. I wish I could just give you a big hug and one day go fishing with you!
Thank you so much,
Amy (your biggest fan)

FlyLady here: I love Dawn Dishwashing Liquid! I have used it for several years. Our purple rags work well with just plain water on windows too. No Streaking!

Next time I need soap for my toilet Swish and Swipe, I think I will try Dawn; one part Dawn and one part water. I keep this type of solution in an old vase with my Rubba Swisha in it. I have just about decluttered all my bubble bath and body wash that I don’t like. It has taken many years.

Just watch as I clean our doors with NON-TOXIC WATER AND A PURPLE RAG! I just opened up a new pack of purple rags for our home. I put them in a bucket of hot water and there was very little purple dye that bleed out.

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