Brilliant Weekly Home Blessing Tip

Dear FlyLady,

I am so thankful for your tips, your emails, your products – everything! I’ve been fluttering since January and what a difference it has made in my home! I tend to be sentimental and want to hold on to things – my friends and DH lovingly call me a hoarder. But I’m working on it – 15 minutes at a time. My mother passed away this past February and my sister and I have been going through mom’s house and she was stunned when I told her that I’d rather take a photo of the things in her home than move them to my own. Of course I took a few meaningful mementos but in the past, it would have been box loads!

As for your products, I love the  rags in a bag so much I have talked everyone in my office into purchasing them! I also have nearly all the rubba products – my latest purchase is the rubba sweepa and it has been an amazing tool in picking up the dog hair, not only from our living room carpeting, but also from our pontoon boat!  It is truly wonderful!

I could go on and on but I will end by sharing with you my trick for my Weekly Home Blessing. I have broken it up into 1 item per day as you had suggested at one point and to remember my days, I use the first letter of each day of the week.

Sunday – Sheets – (this was an easy one since I change sheets every Sunday)
Monday – Mopping
Tuesday – Trash (empty)
Wednesday – Wipe away dust
Thursday – Throw out magazines
Friday – Floors (sweep / vacuum)
Saturday – Shine mirrors and doors

Make it fun, right? I raise my beloved 16 oz. Stainless water bottle to toast you! Cheers!

Warm regards,
Christine in Kalamazoo

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you! We don’t need to clutter up our homes with stuff. You have to love it, have a place for it, and know what you are decluttering if you do add it to your home. Those are the rules!

Your idea for remembering Weekly Home Blessing items is absolutely brilliant. I just keep a list on my bathroom door, but I like your way much better. I will never forget this!

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