Decluttering Procrastination

Dear FlyLady,

I’ve been flying for a little over two months now.  Have been VERY slow to start.  Have NEVER been a Clean FREAK!!!  However my house is not dirty!  I bought a bunch of FlyLady supplies, some Rubba Scrubbas, purple rags, and declutter kit about a month ago.  The products sat in my car for two weeks and then in my laundry room for the next two.My daughter is away at camp this week but before she left last week I made her clean her room.  She said why do I have to clean my room if you don’t clean yours!  OUCH!!! That hurt.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that the Zone that week was the Master Bedroom.  I’ve been getting your e-mails daily this week, saying Zone 4 Master Bedroom.  It took me four days of seeing that message to actually do something about it.

When I got home on Thursday night I said okay, tonight’s the night.  We moved into our home four years ago and I have NEVER used my dresser drawers for my clothes!  I know that sounds funny, but I have a big overstuffed chair that I’ve never sat in either, because that WAS my dresser.

I started in my master bath that was remodeled beautifully when we moved in and I have just let it go to pot.  I got my rubba scrubba out of the box and attacked my shower door first.  That thing is AMAZING!!!!!!  It cut right through all that yuck very quickly and then I used a pretty purple rag to SHINE it all up!

Then I attacked my bedroom and “that chair”.  I know you say to set your timer for 15 minutes, but I felt that this was a job I wanted to start and complete in one night.  (I’m like that, once I get it into my head I want to keep going)  Long story short this Fly-Baby decluttered to the tune of 5 trash bags of old clothes (which I took this morning and dropped them at the donation place) and put all the clothes that I wear/wanted to keep IN my dresser (yes in the drawers).

I put out all new candles on top of my dresser and I can actually sit in my overstuffed chair, light my candles and enjoy “MY SPACE” whenever I want to.  I still need to declutter my closet, but I am well on my way to having the Master Bedroom of my dreams.  When my husband got home, he was shocked to see all that I had done and he was very pleased.

Thank you for the tools and help necessary to keep this full time working Fly-Baby motivated to get her house in shape.

I also got out my calendar and started filling it out.  I hope to be able to find a good place to hang it to keep my family flying and to teach my daughter to be a fly-baby as well.

Flying-low, but hope to be Soaring Soon!

Los Angeles, CA

FlyLady here: Sometimes our rooms make us feel bad. Start getting rid of your clutter so you can have a nice space to sit and enjoy yourself. It is time to stop procrastinating.

It sounds like your daughter is extremely intelligent. She called you on the fact that you were not practicing what you were preaching. You are going to be so surprised at the change in her attitude. I believe your daughter may need a “Thank You!” She got your attention.

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