Bigger is Not Always Better

Dear FlyLady, 

Last summer I ordered two of the stainless steel water bottles. At the time you were only selling the 12oz variety. My wife and I love them. They fit great on our bicycle’s water bottle carriers. If you put ice and water in them you will have ice and water 5 hours later and cold water the next day. Amazing.

I found another stainless bottle on Amazon which was a little bigger. I ordered two of them thinking they were insulated. They weren’t. What a disappointment after using your bottles.

After the bad experience with the single walled stainless bottles it was time to order a couple more of your bottles. I was pleasantly surprised today to find you now offer not only the 12oz size but also 16oz bottles. Yippee! I was so happy I ordered 2 of each today! I also posted a product review on Amazon directing anyone who reads it to your site. I hope this helps your business and I hope I get those bottles soon.

Thanks for selling a great product.



FlyLady here: The secret to decluttering is finding something that works and sticking with it. Now that you have a favorite water bottle; declutter those water bottles that are cluttering up your kitchen cabinets. You will be so glad you did.

Our 12 oz water bottle is at a new price. If you have have been wanting to try our water bottle; here is your chance.

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