Grandmother Claims to Channel Shel Silverstein


Thank you so much to all of you who have purchased my new silly poetry book for kids: Lettuce Bee Silly!It was a little scary to spend almost a year on a writing project that wasn’t primarily for SHEs. Honestly, it’s been out of my hands, as God breeze after God breeze has inspired me to write these poems for children. Many mornings I’ve awakened with four lines on my mind and I just have to run to my office and write them down (I can only remember four lines at a time).I’ve been getting such lovely reviews. One grandmother wrote, “I loved how you put character building into a silly book for kids.” Andria.

Sometimes I’ve felt as if I’m channeling Shel Silverstein. I can almost imagine a headline in the NY Times: Grandmother Claims to Channel Shel Silverstein. It’s just been a pure joy!

Here’s a little peek at one of the illustrated poems. If you enjoy it, you’ll see I share another one from the book. Enjoy!



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