What Do You Recommend?

Dear Friends,
Every day we are asked which tools would we recommend. We put together an Essential Tool package. It contains 10 tools. $116.12 Sold separately $89.95 Package Deal.
Rubba Sweepa
Rubba Scrubba
Handy Scrubba
Scrubba Scrubba
Rubba Dish Brush Set
Rubba Swisha
FlyLady Feather Duster
Mop Head (attaches to handle that comes with Rubba Sweepa)
Floor Duster Mop Cloth (red)
Silver Rags in a Bag

Leanne gives you the essential skills for your kitchen with SavingDinner.com. I can tell you about the Essential tools for your home: routines, habits, and fun tools. We have worked hard to develop tools that I love and use every day. If I don’t love them; we don’t offer them to you. They have to pass the FlyLady Seal of Approval.

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