Changed My Morning Forever

Dear FlyLady,
I just wanted to take a minute to say THANKS for all that you do for all of us.  I have been following you for about 6 months and have to say you have made an incredible difference in the life of my family.   Every week it is a different little thing and they all add up to so much!For example, yesterday, I decluttered the right side of my desk.  I took 15 minutes to declutter then another 15 minutes later in the day to check the mountain of used and unused gift cards I found in my little catch all bin (mixed in with every receipt from our Disney World vacation a year ago!).  I found to my delight that I now have $65.00 to spend at my favorite clothing store I didn’t even realize I had!Two weeks ago I purchased the FlyLady Clog Cannon and it has changed my morning forever.
It has done for our drain what no amount of drain cleaners can do, the water actually drains, the tub stays clean and my morning is a better place to be!Just a moment ago while typing this email by son asked me for an envelope and a stamp AND I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE!!!!  Amazing stuff!!Every week I have a great “FlyLady Moment” and am just so grateful to you for each one of them.  My husband and family thank you too…when the kids see something clean and shiny they say, “Did the FlyLady tell you about doing that?”.  They know how great you are too!!

Thanks so much for keeping us going!

Amy in Appleton

FlyLady here: Just how much money have you spent to fix a clogged drain? We have put together a Home Maintenance Package: A true “must have” for any home, this package will help keep your family safe, and will help you to DECLUTTER both the things you can see and the things you can’t.

The useful tools included in this package are:
  1. Clog Cannon 
  2. Dryer Lint Kit 
  3. DeClutter Kit 
  4. Scrubba Scrubba 
  5. Rags in a Bag (purple) 
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