Professional Painter Loved Our FlyLady Mop

Dear FlyLady,

I had painters in this week and because the walls were in such bad shape, there was a lot of drywall dust everywhere from all the sanding they had to do. They used a broom and wet rag to get as much up as they could.  They explained that it would take about 5 times of mopping before it would all really come up. 

I gave them the FlyLady mop with the blue cover on it, wet, and it got everything up in one use.  The head painter wanted to know where I got it and was disappointed that he couldn’t run right out to a store and get one.


FlyLady here: When you make it fun; the job will get done. We love our mop, red duster head and reusable refills.

Our Feather Duster works well on drywall dust too.

Dear Friends,
We have some great new tools coming soon and we need to make room for them in our warehouse.
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The Retro Dusters are going away and we have not put them on the Last Chance page yet. When they are gone the Weekly Home Blessing Package will be dropped too. When you purchase this package you will also receive a

While you are there, be sure get your calendar.
Thank you for all your love and support. Your purchases helps us keep our messages FREE for everyone!


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