September Habit #16 Queen SHE


Dear FlyLady,

As I am the Queen SHE on the planet, I found that if I brush my teeth before anything else, I won’t eat, then get my bed ready, shower and my nightie on, I will have time to write in my journal, prayers, and read a little then  lights out at a decent time.

If I deviate, I can turn 9:00 PM into 1:00 am!

Of course everything is picked up, clothes ready for next day and I have read my FlyLady calendar!  This is all because of you!

Thank  you and the  gang so much.



Dear FlyLady,

Recently I came back from vacation to a messy house and chaotic life. I was sitting at work thinking about how I would finally get control of all of this, there has to be a way. You see.. my BF and I spend time at two houses (both are disasters) and with 4 kids between us… our life is chaotic.

So as I’m sitting at work I remember FlyLady from years ago which even back then I wasn’t always FLYing but I was bumping along.

So I opened the website, poking around when ah ha this is it…my ticket to gain some control. It didn’t take a day for our houses to become this way and it’s going to take more than a day for them to become whipped into shape. I was going to keep this little secret to myself but spilled the beans last night. I thought my BF would look at me like I’d lost my mind but he said “Sign Me Up”. I was like “Whoa Buddy slow down”.

I haven’t showed him the website yet but I explained the process. He’s all in…all for whatever I want to do. So far I’ve donated 4 bags of clothes to goodwill, thrown out a full bag of trash (out of just my bedroom) and have kept up with the one load of laundry a day. There is a Mt. Washmore in my family room but I am slowly working at getting it done.

My BF comes home from work excited now to see what we are going to clean. So we are doing this together…building our new life together.

Thank you, FlyLady and Crew for everything!

Fluttering along in Northern VA

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