September Habit #17 A Three-Step Dance


Dear FlyLady,

My Before Bed Routine has been a three-step dance that is part of the larger evening routine of sink shining, exercise, etc.

The three steps:

1. I get things ready for whatever tomorrow morning will bring — errands, meetings, music, etc
2. I fix the coffee so it’s ready to be plugged in.
3. I lay out clothing for the next day (it gets planned out for the whole week on Saturday)

I tend to procrastinate taking an evening shower (why, I don’t know) and often end up taking it in the morning. So I’m going to add that as the fourth step for the rest of this month.

What a difference it makes in the morning when stuff is prepared, the coffee needs simply to be plugged in, and my clothes are ready for me to jump into! Although I still struggle with my larger evening routine and maybe need to re-structure it, these four steps make life a lot easier.

Definitely a part of “Finally Loving Yourself”!

NJ FlyGirl

Dear FlyLady,

Recently I was on medical leave for eight months, and I was given a gift card to cheer me up. I decided that the best money I could spend would be on FlyLady tools since I needed something to help motivate myself to declutter and FLY. (Depression and clutter are very dear but toxic friends, so they need to be kept apart!)

I have bought several tools (all of which are awesome), but must say that I have never fallen in love with a water bottle before.

I had read all the testimonials about the water bottle, and thought, Mmmhmmm, sure; “it doesn’t sweat! my ice stays cold! it fits in my car and my purse! I’m drinking my water!”

Well, I’ll be washing down my humble pie with my cold water and ice, because every word IS TRUE. I did all the experiments I could: I put in ice at bedtime for my drinking water, took the bottle to work the next day, filled up with more water, and *still had ice*. I had left another steel bottle of water in the car, and then because there was ice left in my Flybottle, I poured in the warm water over the ice, shook it around, and then that water was cool. Seriously – 18 hours of ice!

I was skeptical and consider myself a bit of a connoisseur of water bottles, but this is the greatest water bottle ever and I will be ordering more. I’ve had other bottles sweat on my table, leak in my purse,or the mouthpiece is a weird shape that splashes down my front. For skeptics who think, “What does this flybaby know?”, I know that I will be buying more of the “Rolls Royce of Water bottles” – and I’ve already decluttered all my old bottles.

Happily gulping H20 in Toronto,

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