We Always Check It

Dear FlyLady,

I always check my calendar before I go to bed.

It keeps me out of big trouble.

We don’t have little kids anymore. But, we do have doctor’s appointment and Church commitments we need to keep up with.

The first of every month, my husband and I get together and write all appointments and other commitments down. He keeps all this on his computer and I keep them on my FlyLady calendar. I add my appointments during the month as they come along. So often DH will look at “the big calendar” to keep up to date with me.

I also add our bi-weekly menu’s written at the bottom of each square. My family loves this. They know what they are eating for dinner before hand, so they don’t eat the same thing for lunch.

Thank you FlyLady, you have the best products! CHECK YOUR CALENDAR

FlyBaby A


FlyLady here: One easy way to eliminate stress from your life is to use a good calendar.

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