From A Curse To A Blessing


     Hi fellow Flyers,
I held off on buying the purple rags in a bag because I assumed they were the “sham” type (of which I have several). They are not! FlyLady’s purple rags are unlike any other I’ve seen on the market and so definitely worth the investment. I should have known even FlyLady’s “rags” would be so special!

I love the color (a deep purple so they don’t stain), they are extremely durable, dog hair rinses right off, and no chemicals! Thank you for another great money saving product that turns my cleaning time from a curse to a blessing.

-FlyBaby27 in MA

FlyLady here: LOL They are not a Sham LOL They are just a simple purple rag that does a good job! Don’t you just love saving money.
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