Helping A Friend

Dear FlyLady,

I have already raved over the rags in a bag, but here I am again to shout about their wonders!! I was able to help a dear friend going through a horrible time in her life by cleaning the home that she was moving out of. The past several months have literally been hell for her and her daily cleaning has been one of the things that she has let go of. With a special needs son to take care of and a teenager to keep up with, I completely understand why she’s allowed things to go by the wayside.

So yesterday I showed up with my rubba sweepa, rubba scrubba, and purple rags. I was really wishing that I had brought along more of the purple rags and also my mop and feather duster. The tool that saved the day was definitely the purple rags and I am positive that the two ladies I was working with will definitely be ordering some of their own. In fact, I am ordering some more.

All day, we used the 3 cloths I brought with me. We washed windows throughout the house including 4 sets of plate glass sliding doors and some really huge windows. We wiped down cabinets, cleaned the stove, including the burned on stove pans, cleaned window seals, wiped down walls, light switches, door knobs…All we did was rinse the rags out and kept going. I put my daughter in charge of going along the walls and getting every bit of dust and cat hair out of edges with the rubba scrubba so that we could vacuum them up. We also used it to clean out the bottom of drawers and cabinets. Of course, the rubba sweepa did a great job on the linoleum floors and gathered up every bit of cat hair.

Cleaning was a joy because we were helping someone out, but it was made so much easier with your wonderful tools, a true blessing to us all!

Thankful Flybaby in Los Angeles,




FlyLady here: Helping a friend is the best gift you can give.
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