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Dear Flybabies,

I’ve been around the disorganized corner for almost 40 years, so many of my readers are grandmothers, just like Flylady and me. Linda is one of my loyal followers and I thought you’d like to read from a voice of experience.Pam,I have followed the SHE sisters since I saw you on television here in Cleveland many years ago and I am so grateful that Flylady kept the flame alive for SHEs everywhere. I was also happy that Flylady told us about the SHE De-junking DVD! I had it on VHS and the quality had diminished over the years (I like to watch it at least once a year). I was glad to see that it was available on DVD! Now it will not degenerate like VHS tapes do.

Anyway, I got the DVD today and my dd just happened to be at my house for lunch. We watched it together and we laughed (she remembered us watching it when she was little) and enjoyed it so much that she asked if she could borrow it to show her family. I love that this work is classic and it is as relevant to the new generation as it was to mine. My dd said she was going to bake some cookies and tell her hubby and kids that they were going to have treats and watch a movie after dinner. Thank you Pam and Peggy and Flylady for the blessing of on-going inspiration. Thank you all for the work you do for families all over the world.


This SHE De-junking video is a classic and was originally produced for QVC and was only available with the purchase of an entire get organized program. We were so glad to get to offer just the video as a download, because it has proven over the years to be the best selling tool we’ve ever offered. To order just CLICK HERE!

When you purchase the video you’ll also receive the 3×5 card file download so you can print out your own household cards for the SHE system!

Have fun!


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