It All Adds Up

Dear FlyLady, 

Yesterday I was thinking about something. I have a terrible habit of drinking lots of Diet Soda. Several years ago I decided if I was going to drink soda like I do I would have to also get the same amount in water per day in as well. I am not a big fan of water and don’t like to drink it.

I started buying cases of plastic water bottles and counting out how many I had to get in per day. I knew that In order to get my water in I would have to drink 4 of the 16.9oz bottles per day. This was about 1 full case of water per week. I was buying 5 to 10 cases at the store at a time.

Well for years I had heard people talking about the FlyLady water bottles. I have several other metal bottles I used for when I would ride my bike or hike. The ice would melt within 30 minutes in the heat that I live in.

I ended up getting a FlyLady bottle on one of my trips with FlyLady and I decided to use it on my bike ride next time I went. I was gone for several hours on my ride and was completely blown away that the ice never melted. The ice would last almost all day in this bottle.

I ended up ordering several more bottles and gave them out as gifts. I use it in the winter for Tea and Hot cocoa and it stays hot for hours. I use it in the summer for cold water and it stays cold for hours. Just yesterday I added it up. Over the last 2 years my FlyLady water bottle has saved me from using over 2500 plastic water bottles. I figure this has helped the environment in a big way as well as save me a whole bunch of money. Even as I write this I am drinking from my water bottle. It’s a great investment.


FlyLady here: Eric sent me a text the other day about this and I told him he had to write this up. We can all do our part to cut back on waste. Our water bottles keep us hydrated in the summer and winter! Have you been drinking your water?

Eric has been blessing us with his music for many years. His CDs are in our FLY Shop. We are so proud of him. He has set up a new email list on Constant Contact. He is always doing something fun. To sign up for his weekly newsletter; just text the word Dodge to 22828.

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