Have You Checked Your Calendar This Morning?

Our Calendar and  Control Journal helps us stay on track! They keep us from having to juggle things in our memory. Each morning check your calendar to make your you have not forgotten an appointment.

Today is Renew Your Spirit Day. What do you have planned for your spiritual renewal: Church, a hike, or curl up with a good book? Maybe all three.

Thank you for all your love and support as we build an email system that will help you to FLY! I am patterning it after how I got organized with these email reminders. Your support keeps our website free for anyone who is suffering with CHAOS. ~ FlyLady

Dear FlyLady,

I AM drinking my water!!! I was thirsty when I woke up this morning, so I filled my  SS water bottle with ice and water and started sipping while I was in the shower. I am just finishing off the last of the ice now (late in the day).

I love this water bottle; it reminds me of my dad’s thermos that he used to carry when I was little. The girls at school chuckle and call it my ‘flask’ and I had a lady at church sympathetically ask if I was on a liquid diet, but I just smile.

Ice water is my absolute favorite thing to drink and I love having something that lets me take it with me.

FlyBaby S in AR
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