It Is Possible

Dear FlyLady, 

My husband and I have six children ages 20 down to 3 months. Our oldest daughter just had our first grandchild two months ago. I have homeschooled our children for the past 11 years.

After all of this time, I am just now beginning to see how it IS possible to have all of these things going on and have a clean house! Because of your routines and things like water bottles, I am able to sit down from time to time and not feel guilty because so much needed to be done. We can get school done in a fraction of the time because clutter is not distracting us anymore. I am actually laughing with my kids and dinner is on the clean table right after my husband gets home from work.

This is my year to FLY and not watch in pain as everybody else zooms around getting so much done. I just knew there was a way to do it: you helped me to accomplish it!! Twice, since I started your routines, people have stopped by unexpectedly, but it was ok! Our house wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t filthy: it was tidy and I was able to enjoy their company without trying to push dog hair dust bunnies back underneath the couch with my foot while we were talking!

When I read how you were injured by a UFO in your car, I was greatly pained. I detailed my car the next day and I pray it’s never a dangerous place for anyone riding in our car again.

So many things have changed for the better. I thank you deeply for your desire to help others at no charge. We are on a new envelope budget and so money is super tight. I am sharing your site with as many people as I can!

With gratitude,
Soaring in Texas

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