My House Didn’t Fall Apart

Dear Marla and Team:
I’ve been an on-and-off FlyBaby for seven years now, right after my DD was born. The FLY routines have been a lifesaver for me, especially over the past three years, as I’ve been working and getting my master’s degree (and being a mom and wife!). Even though I didn’t always follow all the zone missions or there may have been weeks where out-at-dawn/back-at-midnight days meant little time for cleaning, keeping the morning and evening routines as often as possible means my house didn’t fall apart and I didn’t have to spend my precious one day off cleaning the house instead of with my family.Now that I’m done with school, I can turn to getting my home back into ship-shape, and of course it started with really Shining My Sink!Thanks for reminding me that it’s getting back on the wagon that’s admirable. I come from a long line of martyrs so being gentle with myself is sometimes hard and I’m grateful for this community to help me with that.Warmly,
Devra Thomas
Efland, NCP.S.: My DH was a help, too, with the “Load A Day” and with “Shine Your Sink.” Having his support with just those two routines made a huge difference in my sanity!
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