Rags are Great on Stainless Appliances

Hello FlyLady,
Well… I LOVE THEM!! No surprise there.
But what I really want to report is how well they clean stainless steel appliances. We decided to switch to stainless from black appliances and our dishwasher needed replacing first. We figured we’d gradually replace the rest of the appliances with stainless. But after living with the dishwasher I quickly discovered how easily the stainless shows fingerprints/smudges/water stains, etc and how hard it was to spot clean without leaving streaks. It often looked worse than when I started and it was such a hassle dealing with the special spray cleaners – I was pretty disheartened thinking that now I was stuck with stainless appliances if I wanted them all to match.
Enter the “purple” rags (the silver ones are actually my favorite). I use a damp one on my dishwasher to wipe it down with wonderful ease and fabulous results – NO STREAKING – no special cleaner needed. I don’t even have to wipe the entire front down, just where the smudges are. I like stainless appliances once again and the fear of a big stainless refrigerator in my future is gone. The rags also work great on my stainless salt and pepper grinders.
Thank you FlyLady!
Marana, AZ
Dear Friends,

You all have fallen in love with our original Purple Rags. We listened to your pleas for other colored rags; we got silver and bronze. Then many of you wanted us to put together a package with all three colors of the rags in them.
$35.85 Sold separately 
$29.95 Package Deal
I can already see the wheels turning in your head for Christmas this year. Putting together a sample pack of our great rags for your friends and family.
Thank you for all your love and support!

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