September Habit #21 All Of 5 Minutes


Dear FlyLady,

My husband and I both work from home (through separate companies), and for a long time I figured it didn’t matter if I got dressed or not. We have no children (just two furry kitties) and none of my work is face to face.

It suited me just fine to work all day in my jammies, even if the UPS guy saw me with my hair a mess and not wearing a bra… even if I ran late for my dentist appointment because I forgot about it and wasn’t dressed… even if I didn’t get breakfast until almost noon because the kitchen was a mess >from the night before…

Okay, so it doesn’t really suit me just fine to slack off and not get myself ready for work (even though work is 20 feet down the hall). So this month, I’ve decided to get my Before Bed Routine in gear so I can be dressed and ready to work.

1. I take a shower so I’m all nice and clean before bed. Saves having to take one in the morning.
2. I lay out my clothes for the next day – usually jeans and a t-shirt (and a bra) along with socks and my sneakers.
3. I make sure the kitchen is in order (shiny sink, dishwasher either running or empty) so I can get my vitamins, coffee and breakfast *before * noon.
4. I check my calendar so I don’t miss the occasional dentist or veterinary appointment the next morning.
5. I make sure my alarm is set for the correct time so I don’t oversleep.

Aside from the shower, it takes me all of 5 minutes to do the rest, and it makes a big difference in my morning and in my day. In fact, a friend asked me to meet her at lunch yesterday (last minute) and I didn’t even hesitate. I was clean, dressed, fed and had my shoes on. I just grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

Thanks so much for all the BabySteps that have helped me get my house and my life in order. I still have a lot to do, but I know that 15 minutes at a time will get it all done.

Kelly in PA

Dear FlyLady,

I just wanted to say thank you for being such a help to me and my little family!

I have just started Flying since leaving my job to be a SAHM. All of those jobs tend to build up on me and my house is starting to become what I always wanted it to be and there is more!

My three year old DD loves the timer activities, she asks me to set it for her to do her daily 15 minutes in her room while I do my room! Getting my DD out of the bath at night was always a challenge but now I set the timer and it;s like waving a magic wand! Presto! She’s pulling the drain plug and ready to get out.

It’s really touching every aspect of my life and I haven’t started Body Clutter yet but I have lost twelve pounds just from having a better schedule I believe as crazy as that sounds.

My DH just sent a text, he sent a picture and the quote was “Just did a FlyLady in my truck and now to eat dinner he prepared in his truck. His truck looked great! He is catching the FLYing bug.

Again thank you and all of your staff and also I love the Cozi Calendar. It is a very nice program.

FlyBaby in Ohio

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