We Were On A Mission

  Dear FlyLady,

Over 10 years ago, my husband and I were up late one night and saw an infomercial about a miraculous electrostatic feather duster!  Being plagued with house dust due to location and animals, we jokingly ordered the duster!  We were too lazy to ever get our money back because it performed no dusting miracles in our home.  However, we were on a mission to find a perfect feather duster.

We tried several other electrostatic, synthetic, misc. feather and ostrich dusters, but none impressed us.  The ostrich seemed to pick up the dust best, but were very expensive and didn’t seem to hold their feathers for very long.  We always laughed when I shook it out because we would loose 4-5 feathers per shake!  At .25 a feather, that got expensive.

Then a few years ago we found it….the perfect duster that picks up a ton of dust and doesn’t loose feathers when I shake, and it was affordable!  Yes FlyLady – it was YOUR duster that won us over!  We currently have 3 – 2 used at home (long and short) and one for my work office.

When you announced a new duster was in the FlyShop, I had to try it. I have loved my old dusters for many years and I knew I would love my new FlyLady Feather Duster just the same. When I first received them, I zipped around my house and put my new duster to the test. It passed with FLYing colors.

Happy Dusting!

West Coast FlyBaby

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