Top Ten Things I Have Learned from Testimonials

Dear FlyLady,
This group has some amazingly talented writers and thinkers. I enjoy reading the testimonials so much. The way people express themselves and lead up to the climax is fantastic! It is better than any fiction or comedy routines because it is real life, not written by some Hollywood script writers. It shows just how people are able to look at situations and come away with a lesson or a way to improve.So as I have read, I have saved things that have been meaningful to me. So here is……


1) That putting stuff into boxes in an unused room does not count as decluttering.

2) Clutter is homeless stuff.

3) Clutter is a product of procrastination.

4) It is a lot easier to act ourselves into new thinking than it is to think ourselves into new action.

5) If my clothes are not serving me, I am in bondage to my clothes. I am serving them: saving them, storing them, providing them space in my closet and in my life.

6) If you are not behind, where are you? You are where you are! You are right where you need to be. There is no need to catch up, because we are not behind.

7) To do housework is a Blessing – would we ever want our Blessings to end? Never!

8) You are kind of like the Mom I don’t have.

9) Never wrestle with a pig — you get all muddy and the pig has a good time!

10) Listening to people with Grass is Always Greener syndrome makes other people want to GAG.

And in honor of FlyLady’s practice of making lists of 11:

11) Cleaning up rooms is like trying to wrestle an octopus. Just when you think it is under control, up pops another leg.

Love ya, FlyLady and Crew!!

A Houston, TX FlyBaby

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