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2016_calendarDear FlyLady,

This is not a testimonial email. It is a thank you email!

My first thank you is for the FlyLady Calendar. I just purchased one for my 70ish year old mother. She has difficulty with her short term memory . In the past she has used freebie calendars to record important events, doctor’s appointments and other things she needed to remember.Finally, after seeing her scrunch up and abbreviate what she was writing to fill the narrow boxes, I remembered what you had been saying the past several years in your email messages and other members’ testimonials about the FlyLady Calendar.My mother loved her gift and now she has acres of white space on a uncluttered expanse to expand her memory. She keeps it on her kitchen counter, an area she passes constantly throughout the day.Thanks for preventing some of her frustration on this issue, making her life easier, and helping her maintain her independence.

My second thank you is for the tips for teachers, school age children and their parents. As a second grade public school teacher it means a lot to be recognized on your web site. Your positive and thoughtful reminders, along with those from my fellow Flyers, have encouraged me with home, body, and school clutter. I love reading them all and am blessed to have them come everyday.

With gratitude for the FlyTeam and the FlyMembers,

A Flyer in Florida

FlyLady here: The FlyLady Calendar was designed on purpose to have the large squares, bright white and good weight to the paper. We too had a problem with the small unlined boxes that you could not fit even one appointment into. We don’t have to try to remember everything!

If you don’t have a 2016 calendar yet, order yours today!

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