I Couldn’t Believe It

Dear FlyLady,

The office pencil sharpener is in my office and during my entire maternity leave, nobody emptied the pencil shavings and the machine was making awful sounds.  It took me a while to figure out what the problem was.  The thing was PACKED!

When I opened the sharpener up, shavings went everywhere!

Would you believe that the  feather duster picked up every single speck???  I had ordered your feather duster about a month ago for the office and while it helped me keep my office tidy, I had no clue that it could handle spilled pencil shavings!!!  Teachers could probably benefit from this little tidbit.

I’m going to take the office duster to my grandma’s house where we’ve had a complete remodel done.  I’m sure that when mom sees what that baby can do, she’ll be wanting one for herself!

Fluttering in Florida

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